Changing the rear e brake shoes on 3000gt

I know that it is similar to every other ebrake shoe replacement. However I have heard that there is difficulty because of the hub. Is there an easy way that does not require removing the hub? Can you show me?


There is no need to remove the hub. Brake shoe replacement is the same as most other cars. Just pull off the brake disk/drum and you will see the shoes. I will add this video to the list anyway.


I’ve had my e-brake shoes for about 3 years waiting to go on but I haven’t because after pulling them apart, I was clueless. I did replace my front calipers (due to both jamming up on me) and all 4 rotors and both front and rear pads though.

Coming soon I hope. I have a car waiting for this job.

Awesome! I’ll be looking for it!