Broken Glove box

Joe would you please be able to make a video on a fix for a broken glove box? I don’t know if on Any of your cars you’ve had this issue, but on mine the hinges are broken and It prevents it from opening properly. I’m not sure if there are replacement hinges available or if there is another way to fix it,
- Thanks Simon Boonstra

Hi Simon
Can you send a picture of what and where it is broken?

I had this problem on mine as well so bought a second hand glovebox and took the hinges off. I’m not sure how easy it is to change the locks over should you find a better condition glovebox.

If the hinge has a crack it could possibly be glued and reused but I’m not sure how permanent that would be. On my glovebox one hinge was cracked but the other had a chunk missing so wouldn’t be repairable anyway.

Metal replacement hinges would be ideal, anyone know a hinge manufacturer?

Joe’s dashboard removal video (part 2) shows the removal of the glovebox, it’s around 15 minutes into the video.

A trick for removing the clip pieces inside the glovebox is to use strong string. You can slide the string under the engine bay side of the clip so when you close the glovebox slightly you can pull both ends of the string toward the centre console/handbrake area to release the clip.

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This should be easy to repair. Don’t bother with plastic glue, it will only give a temporary repair. Plastic welding will work very well in that area because the plastic is thick so you can get a deep weld. I find that a hot air rework station is perfect for this sort of detailed work. Make sure you buy virgin plastic welding rod’s. You will never get a high strength weld with old plastic.
The only other option is buy another box I’m afraid.

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I have taken the time to copy the exact dimensions of this hinge (for the first gens) and draft it up in order to 3d print. I’ve had it in my car for some time, and it works super well. Just thought I’d let someone know how I dealt with that problem. (Images won’t seem to upload, I’ll try when I get home.)


3D printed replacements sound great providing they don’t suffer the same sort of stress cracks. Even if they did then at least they would be easily replaceable.

Pics definitely required.


Sadly didn’t have any black at the moment.

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That looks very good !

What a fantastic idea. Have you considered adding them to the items for sale? I am sure that others would be interested. If not, would you consider putting the printer file on here so that people can print their own.

I am aware of someone that may already be selling these on ebay in some unknown quantity. They seem to differ a bit from original so cannot speak for the fit. I can however be quite certain I made my measurements as close as possible to factory spec in every way. If there is interest, I could very well sell some after I get my hands on that black filament. :wink: they will likely just have to pay shipping because the filament is super cheap for such a small part.

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They look great!

I’d buy a pair or two just as spares.

Don’t sell yourself short. You have had to put in the time and investment. You deserve to make a little something for your trouble and I don’t think anyone would moan at that.


Dude, that’s freaking awesome! You can just bibidy nobody boo any part you want :joy: can you print me a cup holder to replace the ashtray? I’d be happy to pay shipping and a reasonable price for it; I don’t smoke and I would love a cup holder in that spot. The cup holders being placed in the center console was a horribly designed positioned.

Me too I’d gladly buy a cup holder and hinges

I’ll see what I can draft up. I like following the exact designs of factory parts because they are usually the ones that hold up the best, but I suppose I can try some free-styling.

Hey guys. I have remade these hinges with carbon infused plastic for extra strength. I am in the process of printing more. I have sold a few pairs on ebay already. I have posted them on some facebook groups where PrIsMaTiSm got the idea to make is own a little over a week ago. I have also listed them in items for sale on this Forum. These have been made with a few different types of plastics, wight and heat tested.

Do I smell some competition? You must be the one selling these things for 25 dollars a set. Haha, all joking aside it’s good that we have options for plastic parts that often break on our cars.

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