Brake Lines and System

Hi Joe. I’m relatively new to the forum, but am learning a ton. Once I tackle all my fuel issues I’m moving on to the brake system. It would be nice to see a video explaining the entire system from the master cylinder to the calipers. This would include all the fittings and sizes, flare types, hard line sizes, flex line sizes etc. Thought it would be fairly straightforward but as I’m looking closer at it there are a bunch of unique pieces like where only 2 lines come out of the master cylinder and then are split up later on, or how there are 2 flex lines and a hard line lleading to the caliper. Would be nice to see how to do a total rebuild of the system from master cylinder to caliper. A lot of my hardlines are rusted out which I assume is quite common. Thanks.

It would be nice to know your name so that I know who I am writing to. You can add this in the settings.
I will be happy to do replacement of lines in videos that are being done soon.
I will also be doing a video on how the system works but this will be for patreon members only.
The subject of measurements will probably not be covered because I don’t see a point to it. When you buy new hoses for your car, they will come in the correct sizes. You do not buy by measurement but by model and part number.

Updated settings and thanks Joe.

Hi Joe, as JSP mentioned one of my brake lines along the firewall is rusted to the point that brake fluid is coming out of it. What’s the best way to get those replaced (meaning what to remove to get to them). I have a 95 VR4 and it looks like i pretty much almost should remove the engine else there’s no room. I hope that isn’t the answer, but what do you recommend? Also have you had a chance to make any of the videos JSP was mentioning, I’d be interested to see the system also, the book diagram is not that great. Even my proportioning valve connections to the lines looks pretty rusted. Thanks.

This is becoming a common problem. It is hard work and a tight working area but it is possible without removing the engine and if you have the right tools. I don’t have one that needs doing at the moment and it is too much work to do just for a video. Maybe in the future.

Hi Joe, sure I understand. I removed the battery, tray and washer fluid bottle on the pass side, do you have any recommendations on what to do on drivers side? Was thinking plenum but the turbo is still in the way. I may need head gasket replaced at that time would be ideal as most of the stuff on the inside would get removed then. Thanks, John.

Removal of the plenum would help a lot. I don’t remember removing the turbo the last time I did the rear line.

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