Black piece above door window

Looking for some help on what to do here. Earlier today I went to close my door and the very top of the glass kept getting caught on this little black piece and im not sure what its called. I managed to shut the door without breaking anything. Ill leave a picture here of the piece I am talking about and take a picture of mine later if needed. Is this black piece suppose to move freely or bend?


I am not 100% sure, but I think that is a piece of what held the plastic windshield windtrim on the car which many put on originally… Mine came with that, and I can remember taking it off, and there was this piece of steel sticking out from the same spot as yours… It should be attatched under the rubber trim and in where one of those screws go that hold the plastic trim over the door…

You can see on my picture that there is not suppose to be anything there, so my guess is probably pretty accurate.

It is designed to pull the top of the glass in tightly when you close the door or put up the window. It will help to prevent wind noise and rain getting in.

currently if i gently shut the door that piece stops the window from fully closing. I saw I had water all over my back seat from the rain today. Mine is currently bent downward. Is it suppose to be bent down? I actually thought somebody tried breaking into my car before I looked at it more closely

My 1993 that I had years ago had this. I had the same problem. I just made it a habit to shut the door pushing on the door with one hand and gently pushing on the window toward the top to make it go under that thing. Once I started doing that I didn’t have an issue again. Then from the inside I just rolled the window down a inch or two then shut the door. It can be a pain but that’s just the fix I used that was free.

Hmm interesting. Ill mess around with it when it stops raining around here.

Maybe the window needs to be realigned.

Definitely window glass alignment. Happened when I did regulator on blue TT less than 2 months ago. If you close the door pushing top of glass it will go under but when you sit in and close the metal clip blocked it.

Cured by changing angle as per Joes video and probably replacing the pads of velvety strips he can supply. Short term lower window when sit in and close after shutting door.

Yeah Ill probably go ahead and do all that once it stops raining and gets warmer out. Its odd this happened because I havent used the car in over a week because im having the starter rebuilt. One minute its fine the next its not lol.