Autobox to engine metal gasket MK1 92/93

Hi all
Still struggling with the starter meshing with the ring gear on torque converter on the red automatic one ,92/93 last 6 months of MK1 shape.
If you know anyone who is parting/scrapping one please let me know and if you are rebuilding an auto and have split engine I will pay carriage and bonus to send it to me so I can get copy made.
Seems very sad to scrap the car looks good and runs well just sounds like bag of nails starting it.
The section that holds the starter central seems to differ on some plates.
In weston super mare BS23

Sounds like u have used a starter for a manual g/b, check that first.

Thanks for that Charlie but sadly its the Evil Empire “rare as rocking horse Sh…” and no new about anymore. Changed plate, torque converter, flex plate and starter when gearbox refurbed 3 years ago. Just done same again from Jap attack but they couldn’t supply the gasket plate so got one from scrapper which turned out to be a manual one.
Unfortunately the garage chucked the original stuff before fitting the modified one hence everything auto except that plate.

Am replying to this just to show I still needs this autobox plate . If you see a chance of one to beg borrow or buy let me know

Still no luck on the plate. The garage boys are scouring the USA suppliers with local mitsubhi dealers help. ONLY $58 but not found one yet.

Have u tried plates from other 3ltr mitizs from the 90s?

Its the locating of the starter position that seems to vary plus torque converter seems to be smaller on Galants and others. Ring gear from Galant fitted by mistake 3 years ago when gearbox refurburbished and took 2 months to find problem, eventually got converter from 3000GT from Graham Roberts(RIP) .

this is the plate but needs to be from 4wd auto 1992 gto autogearbox engine plate with starter guide…pdf (150.4 KB)