Auto trans bolt?

Hello all my name is: Pete
I have a: 1993 3000GT SL with automatic transmission
While changing out the battery cables I ran across this puzzle. It appears as if a bolt got broken off but it also looks like it goes into the transmission. There are no connectors anywhere near by. I checked the shop manual but nothing appears concerning this. Anyone know if this is just a broken bolt or is something missing. Transmission is a F4A33.

I see your earth wire sitting in the wind. Could it be that the earth wire went to that point ?

No, I am changing the battery cables and had removed the bolt. It looks like someone broke a bolt off next to that bolt hole. I tried to see it was all the way into the trans but it’s not. Someone tried to drill it out that’s why I thought at first it was a broken sensor.

Mine is a 91 auto and I just had a look. The bottom one is where your ground cable bolts, the top one that you have highlighted with a yellow circle is just an indentation, there is no bolt or screw, so technically there shouldn’t be a hole there.
Well it’s like that on mine. I tried taking a photo but there are a lot of stuff in the way.