Active exhaust switch

Trying to locate a working active exhaust switch for a 92 Stealth/ 3000gt, which is on the dash behind the steering wheel?

I know this post is old, but I Second that. I need to find one as well. I’m the second owner of this car, and this is the only piece that is missing from the interior (actually not missing, just broken and the front switch button is gone.)

I believe I may have one in my parts car. I’ll have to check and see. Are you still looking for one?

Yes, please let me know. Thanks!

Here are some photos. Is this what your looking for?

That is exactly what I was looking for, and the ironic thing is I happen to call a auto salvage yard today and actually found 1 for 10 bucks Along with another one of the trim pieces that I needed for the interior

How much do you want for that one in case this one happens to not work?

I was thinking $20 plus shipping. Let me know.

Good to know. I will keep that in mind. Thanks.

I’ll give ya $20 for it. I too am in need of this switch. PM me.

Message sent, let me know