AC connector adapters

Hi Guys,
I have a JDM Mk1 GTO Twin Turbo and am attempting to purchase R12/R134 adapters so that I can charge/recharge with R134; however, the adapters I have purchased (described as suitable for this purpose) don’t fit onto the existing High and low pressure connectors on my JDM GTO. Has anybody purchased the correct ones, or can you tell me a part number or the correct sizes etc.?
Thanks for any assistance you can offer.

Which country are you in Drew?

Hi Joe,


Ok mate, i’ll have a look for what I have laying around. A number of people have mentioned this problem before so I may buy in a bulk load and pot them on the forum.

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That is much appreciated Joe,
Cheers mate

Hi Joe
I hope you are as well as can be.
Do you have nay update on the AC connectors please?
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I have some but not enough to spare. I have more on order and hope to have delivery this week.

Hi Drew
The adapters finally arrived. There is a problem that is going to affect the price. I had to buy sets from 2 different suppliers. One supplier had the high side correct but wrong low side. The other supplier had correct low side but wrong high side. This means that I had to buy 2 full sets to get one correct set. The total price comes out at £22 with uk postage. You have no obligation to take them as I will use them myself but at least you know I have them if you can’t find the correct ones cheaper elsewhere.

Hi Joe,
that is good.
Can you let me have your email for paypal payment please?
address for delivery is:
Drew Raw
Chestnut Farm
Suton St
NR18 9JJ

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If you are using PayPal, could you please send it as friends and family because I am selling at cost price and there is nothing to cover PayPal fees. Thanks
[email protected]

hi Joe,
Not a problem
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Money sent,
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