AC Compressor Removal

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Hope all is well. Wishing you all the best. Am requesting a video showing the removal and installation of the AC compressor on the turbo model. Hope this is possible. Thanks again for providing some many helpful and informative videos.

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Mario :bahamas:
Nassau, Bahamas

I will not be doing a/c videos as discharging the gas or tampering with an a/c system is illegal in many countries now. I would strongly recommend leaving this type of job to a qualified professional.

are you still doing a part 2 to the ac system?

Yes, but it will not cover pump removal. It will be o ring location and replacement only as the gas will have already been naturally lost through leaks.

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I removed mine and all lines to take the extra stress off the engine .my system had no gas in it tho .ove bought a delete kit from evil empire performance that gives you a smaller belt to fit to bypass where the compresser was .

There is no extra stress if the AC isn’t running. It’s basically an idler at that point.

mine turns pretty hard… and I have herd the can seize completely to the point they roast your belts one after another if something fails internally in the pump.