A real classic apparently

Who ever would have believed that you would see our cars in a classic show.
I was asked to show mine in a show today.


People are catching on Joe😀

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Excellent!! Nice to see is that :grin:

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lot of nice cars there too. The 3000gt has such a timeless look to it. You can tell by looking at those other cars just how old they might be but when you look at the 3000gt, Its hard to believe that these cars are 25-30 years old because they sure dont look like it.


Good Job thats how i bought my one , was at show with lots of sports cars and only cost $8000 NZD about 4k GBP

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I’ve had numerous people tell me its a nice car at the petrol station, someone in an amg merc pull up and tell me that my 3000gt is a proper car.

It is a classic for sure it has presence.

Looks nice and with good company!

Your paintwork looks amazing!

It is starting to look a bit tired close up but I love the old 2k paint myself. It never had the problem with the clear coat flaking off.

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Oh man, I bought my 93 Stealth TT brand new in 1994 when I was 24. I guess that makes me…old! :sweat_smile:

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The majority of us here are old, but young in mind :grin:


i say your only as old as the woman you feel. lol my wife is 7 years younger lol


Ain’t that the truth!

Yeah, mine was $4500 about 11yrs ago, god only knows how much i’ve spent since though