A/C compresses diagnosing

Does anyone know how to fix an A/C Compressor on a 3000gt 1st gen ? i cant find a place locally to do the job.

Hello GTO
It depends on the fault. I repair the units myself and for myself but it is usually easier to just buy a second hand compressor. They go for around £50 here in the UK. A service kit costs nearly the same price but if you don’t even know what the fault is, you may have bought a bag of bits that you don’t even need.
I am sorry to say that I will not be covering A/C repair for a couple of reasons.

  1. In most countries it is illegal to open a refrigerant line without a licence to recover the gas.
  2. My videos are for the man at home and very few people at home, have the specialist equipment required for the job.
  3. Messing around with a pressurised and corrosive gas can be very dangerous.
    Sorry I couldn’t help further but there are a number of youtube videos that give an idea of what to do if you really want to tackle the job yourself. However, I would strongly recommend just buying a second hand unit and saving all the grief.
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