99 backward compatibility

Hello all my name is: Jason
I have a: (99 3000GT base, and a 94 STEALTH TT)

I am in the process of pulling all the 99 body panels and interior to transplant onto the 94 stealth tt. So basicly making a 99 VR4 clone. My question is am I going to run into issues with plugging in a 99 dash into my 94 or are all the plugs ect on the 99 going to plug right into my 94? I will also be swapping the 99 doors onto the 94 as there is some damage on the 94 doors were the wind caught and opened the door to far. If I plug the 99 door wire harness into the 94 are they compatible if anyone has done something like this or knows the answer. I would be very great full for the knowledge.

Man ur brave, I can hardly keep 1 in order and ur creating a Frankenstein :rofl:

Just transfer the wiring harness from the 94 dash to the 99 dash. It isn’t difficult and you will be sure of it working.