5 speed shifting troubleshoot

Hello all my name is Walter
I have a 91 vr4 and when I jumped on the highway last week, I shifted into 4th and when I popped into 5th, it had shifted into 3rd. So naturally I went back to 4th and then tried going into 5th again, and found my self in 3rd again. So having this problem when I can’t go into 5th, I pulled over to have a look, perhaps something wasn’t reconnected securely when I changed the clutch? I looked under the hood at the linkage, everything seemed alright and tight, I could go through all the gears smoothly from the control assembly on top the transmission. So I decided to get back on the road; I couldn’t shift to first or second gear either. The stick had lots of slop at this point now too. My shop wasn’t too far from here, and once I get up to speed, I can make the trip in 3rd and 4th easily, as long as there were no slowdowns on the road, so I rode the clutch till I was at 35 mph where I could stop riding the clutch. Once I made it to the shop, I pushed it back into a parking slot and looked closer at the stick linkages and didn’t see and worn bushings or loose bolts. I inspected the cables, they were both in excellent condition. I typed off the gear oil incase it had leaked since the clutch went in. Still no luck shifting through the gears. So I pulled off the pipes and air filter so I can have a closer look at the shift control assembly on the gearbox. Turns out that little white square bushing had cracked off; that explained why I have 3rd and 4th, but not 1, 2, 5, and R; 3 and 4 are at the assemblys resting position. I couldn’t find anything on the net or autoparts store about what that pice was called or where to get it. I and Joe about it and he recommended going to the dealership to look it up. I didn’t have time to do that yet, so I looked on the net for several hours at night. Having tried so long and unsuccessfully find anything about it, I decided to check out 3sx.com and was going to message them about it, but decided to look at their driveline menu and actually saw the assembly as one of the parts they sell, saw the price was over $100, but they also sold the square bushing separately for $22. I hope this info is helpful to some of you trying to figure out your shifting problems.


FYI, the Mitsubishi part number is MR166933. And conveniently for those of you in Europe, it’s made in Germany!

Rob @ Evilempire does a complete Bush kit.

I have partially replaced mine and has made a massive difference to the feel of the gearstick.