2 front wings for mk1 gto

Guys I need 2 good front wings for my mk1 build then I can get on with the paintwork. I’m sure wings off a mk2 are same so if anyone knows a car breaking or breaking one let me know .preferably in Scotland so I could collect as don’t trust couriers nowadays to get a set to me undamaged .

Cheers Scott

Lucky if You find something up here
, did You try Grahams, how You getting on with the project ? I’m back in Glasgow for a while will pop in to see Camy sometime.

Spiros is graham’s not closed now as he’s passed? Give me a shout when your back over and I’ll send you my new address can come see the project. Only 10mins from camys .

I know ebay shop is closed not sure about the yard, will let You know when I come over.

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I have a pair of black mk2 wings in good condition …on South Coast but can wrap and post …im pretty good at it …not sure what postage would be .?


Mate that would be great if you could find out postage to ml15an. No rush as still the holidays lol

Cheers Scott

Not sure how much to ask…Will send some pics when I get a chance. Rik

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Cheers rik just let me know and send some.pics . I’m on WhatsApp or fb messenger easier to talk .

i have gto decat if jo has not got one…rik

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If its for a mk1 tt mate pm me a price . Cheers Scott

£30 including postage …think mk1 and 2 are same…was from a mk2

Rik they are different but the flange can be cut and moved round to suit the holes .I’ll message u when home from work mate cheers

I believe there is a terminology thing here but by wings I believe you are talking about what we call in the US as fenders and they are identical for all years. There is no difference.