1G (MK1) GTO center reverse panel

Trying to get my hands on a 1G (MK1) GTO reverse light panel. My GTO tails are super clean so I’d like to find a good condition center panel to go with it. I’d consider a nice MITSUBISHI one as well. Thought I had a line on a NOS one, but the order was cancelled as out of stock.

I’ve got one but i’m in NZ, hope u find one closer to u, if not let me know.

If price is reasonable and the panel is nice enough I’d still consider purchasing from you. In the last few weeks I’ve had stuff come from Germany, China and Japan. I’ve purchased stuff from a seller Russia last year too.

My US postal code is 15478 if you would want to get a shipping estimate.

Post some pictures if you would be so kind and we’ll go from there